Jan 06, 2020

Linux. Lime Suite, GNU Radio packages and LimeSDR-enabled apps are available for a variety of distributions. Ubuntu PPAs: Drivers (Lime Suite + SoapySDR) GNU Radio; Arch AURs: Lime Suite; gr-limesdr (GNU Radio blocks) App Stores (snaps) To build Lime Suite from source see the wiki page. — but do not install from both source and packages! How to Install LimeSurvey on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS LimeSurvey is a free and an open source online survey application written in PHP and uses a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. LimeSurvey allow us to create, develop and publish online surveys and collect responses from them, without doing any coding and scripting. LIME user manual — LIME documentation

What is a home directory in Linux? Linux is a multi-user operating system, which means that more …

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How to install Wine 5.0 on Linux Mint 19.3

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