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Adobe Privacy Center Dec 01, 2019 JavaScript - Cookies Cookies can be read by JavaScript too. They're mostly used for storing user preferences. name-value. Each cookie has a name-value pair that contains the actual information. The name of the cookie is for your benefit, you will search for this name when reading out the cookie information. Canvas fingerprinting - Wikipedia

Oct 18, 2011

An HTML 5 cookie is a cookie-like storage options available in HTML 5. It consists of browser-based local storage and session storage, which is created and accessible by the Web page itself. An HTML5 cookie is also known as HTML5 Web storage and is an alternative to the commonly used browser cookie. Techopedia explains HTML5 Cookie

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JavaScript and Cookies - Tutorialspoint JavaScript can also manipulate cookies using the cookie property of the Document object. JavaScript can read, create, modify, and delete the cookies that apply to the current web page. Storing Cookies. The simplest way to create a cookie is to assign a string value to the document.cookie …