This site is about my collection of old computers. The collection is located in the Greater Manchester area of the UK. My main interest is in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) mini computers, which I collect and attempt to restore to working order.

Computer programming in the punched card era - Wikipedia Smaller computers like the IBM 1000, 1620 and 1130, and minicomputers such as the PDP-11 were less expensive, and often run as an "open shop", where programmers had exclusive use of the computer for a block of time. A keypunch was usually located nearby for quick corrections The Old Computer Dot Com - Home | Facebook The Old Computer Dot Com. 1,516 likes. Dedicated to the collection and preservation of Retro Gaming, Computing Roms and Emulators for future generations. Vintage Computers, Parts & Accessories for sale | eBay The first electronic computer made its debut in 1941. It was called "ENIAC," an acronym for "Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer." It was not a mass-market device; the United States government primarily used it for military research.

Apr 14, 2020 · Dumping old computers is not a good way to do and the best way is to recycle it through donation center. At recycling centers, you can find some types of computers available such as old Pentium II and Pentium III desktop but some can be the older Pentium 4 computers. Most of them may lack of Ethernet cards and USB ports.

Sentimentality is one. As years go on, machines are becoming rare and, therefore, valuable. One reason people search out old and antique computers for sale is for refurbishing or retrofitting. Called retrocomputing, the trend is like a hobby. Old computer hardware and software are used to rebuild new computers, sort of like restoring old cars. The first mass-market computer, the Commodore PET, hit the market in 1977. Throughout the 1980s, computers became more affordable, which helped them spread into the mass market. Do Old Computers Work? Vintage computer models can still work if they are in good condition. However, computers in poor condition may not function. Old, rare, vintage and obsolete computer museum

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