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The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) is a Fortune 500 global power company. We provide affordable, sustainable energy to 14 countries through our diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. Our workforce is committed to operational excellence and meeting the world’s changing power needs. Advanced Encryption Standard – Wikipedie Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, česky standard pokročilého šifrování) je standardizovaný algoritmus používaný k šifrování dat v informatice.Jedná se o symetrickou blokovou šifru šifrující i dešifrující stejným klíčem data rozdělená do bloků pevně dané délky. Norma nahradila dříve užívanou šifru DES. Je používána například pro bezdrátové Wi-Fi sítě áes - Wiktionary Old Irish: ·age, years Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie, vi 58.15: Is áis cét bliadan dam. I am a hundred years of age.· stage, period· era (of the world) lifetime·(collective) folk, people

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AES Corporation | Wireless mesh radio alarm communication AES-IntelliNet ® patented technology is the fastest and most reliable alarm communications available in the alarm and security industry, protecting people and property for over 40 years. BURGLARY SECURITY Advanced Encryption Standard – Wikipédia Az Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) egy módszer elektronikus adatok titkosítására.A módszert a U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology által meghirdetett versenyre beküldött eljárások közül választották ki 2001-ben. A kiválasztott módszer a Rijndael titkosításon alapszik, melyet két belga kriptográfiai szakember, Joan Daemen és Vincent Rijmen fejlesztett ki

AES is Climate Transition-Ready. AES announces goal to reduce its carbon intensity by 70 percent by 2030. The Company also published the AES Climate Scenario Report, fulfilling its April 2018 commitment to adopt the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. Read more

AES3 (also known as AES/EBU) is a standard for the exchange of digital audio signals between professional audio devices. An AES3 signal can carry two channels of PCM audio over several transmission media including balanced lines, unbalanced lines, and optical fiber. AES (angl. Advanced Encryption Standard – pažangus šifravimo standartas) – šifravimo algoritmas, 2001 metais JAV paskelbtas standartu. Dar vadinamas Rijndael algoritmu, jo autoriai yra Joan Daemen ir Vincent Rijmen. ' Create a new instance of the Aes ' class. This generates a new key and initialization ' vector (IV). Using myAes As Aes = Aes.Create() ' Encrypt the string to an array of bytes. Dim encrypted As Byte() = EncryptStringToBytes_Aes(original, myAes.Key, myAes.IV) ' Decrypt the bytes to a string. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric-key encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government. The standard comprises three block ciphers, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256, adopted from a larger collection originally published as Rijndael. Each of these ciphers has a 128-bit block size, with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits, respectively. The AES ciphers have been analyzed