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Access to thousands of websites is blocked by the government. At the time of writing, these included the following: Facebook; Twitter; BBC and most Western news services; At the time of writing, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and Instagram were accessible, but most Iranians use or whatsapp to communicate with each other. How to Bypass Internet Filtering in Iran (with Pictures Jun 24, 2020 Battle Over Facebook and Twitter Access in Iran Dec 16, 2013 how to access facebook in iran ? | Yahoo Answers

Aug 07, 2010

Iran restores access to Facebook: report | ABS-CBN News May 26, 2009 Facebook Access Blocked in Iran! - Devils' Workshop May 24, 2009

Oct 20, 2017

I'm visiting Iran now from the U.S. To answer your questions: "I communicate with family using facebook messenger, but I read that facebook is blocked in Iran." - Correct. But for my Android, I was able to download Psiphon and then be able to access Facebook and Facebook Messenger. 10 countries where Facebook has been banned - Index on In Iran, however, political leaders have taken to social media- despite both Facebook and Twitter officially being extraordinarily difficult to access in the country. Even President Hassan Rouhani has his own Twitter account, although apparently he doesn’t write his own tweet s, but access to these accounts can only be gained via a proxy server. Infographic: Facebook Usage Statistics in Iran - TechRasa Aug 16, 2017 Facebook finds more fake accounts from Iran - BBC News Oct 26, 2018