I am planning a first time trip to Singapore for 2A2C in June-July and was considering using Singapore's central location to travel to other neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. I have approx. 2 weeks to spend in the region on a lower budget ( not bargain basement) including travelling time to and from Australia.

Singapore is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia and is officially known as the Republic of Singapore. It lies in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometres north of the equator. Singapore has many neighbouring countries including Thailand, Bangkok, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Singapore's Changi Airport (airport code: SIN) consistently wins awards for best airport in the world. To match, Singapore Airlines consistently wins best airline in the world. The two definitely make flying to Singapore an enjoyable experience, just don't get busted for bringing in contraband items. You don't need to be a hardened smuggler to Malaysia is the nearest country to Singapore, less than 1 km away from the small island city-state. The British returned to Singapore in 1945, however, due to their failure to defend the country, their reputation as acceptable leaders in the eyes of the people was greatly destroyed. The Straits Settlements dissolved in 1946, and Singapore moved forward in establishing a new government.

Singapore (/ ˈ s ɪ ŋ (ɡ) ə p ɔːr / ()), officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia.It lies about one degree of latitude (137 kilometres or 85 miles) north of the equator, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, bordering the Straits of Malacca to the west, the Riau Islands to the south, and the South China Sea to the east.

Jul 19, 2019 2 weeks in Singapore (end of May), Other countries to Answer 1 of 8: If I have 2 weeks in Singapore ( May 21 to June 3), I would like to visit other countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, or Thailand. Any suggestions where I should go for 3 to 4 days excursions in any of the countries.

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Right on Singapore’s doorstep, Malaysia has plenty to offer as a holiday destination: bustling cities, beautiful beaches, historical towns and delicious food. Across the causeway, Johor Bahru (“JB”) can be good for the occasional shopping and eating experience (get there by car, taxi or bus).