Create an ISO file from the Windows 8 DVD. This is the procedure by which you create a single file, …

Plug the Windows Server 2016 boot drive (DVD, USB) to the computer and boot your computer. … Step up to Windows 10 | Microsoft® Step 2: When the Windows 10 Exam 697 is available (expected in the second half of 2015), sign in to the Microsoft site, and then register for the exam online for free. Learn Windows. Watch on-demand videos delivered by experts at Microsoft Virtual Academy. What’s New in Windows 8.1 Update Install Windows 8.1: step by step - Alphr Oct 17, 2013

In this article, we'll examine step by step how to run Windows 8 / 8.1 UEFI on a PC/Laptop using a Bootable USB disk. How to Setup Windows 8.1 UEFI on a Computer using a USB Stick If you do not have a CD / DVD device on your Desktop or Laptop computer, you can prepare a Bootable Flash Memory to install it.


Step 11: Below the picture you will see the new apps for Windows 10. Click on "Next" to set up your apps. If do not want these apps, click on the link "Let me choose my default apps" to select the apps you need. Step 12: After a while, get into Windows 10 screen successfully. Related Articles. Clean Install Windows 10 on Laptop/Desktop PC with

Step 3. Click Run.. Step 4. Check the check boxes for the modules that you need to install. Core & VPN - Includes AnyConnect core client with VPN capability.; Start Before Login - User sees the AnyConnect GUI logon dialog before the Windows logon dialog box appears.; Network Access Manager - It is a client software that provides a secure Layer 2 network.; VPN Posture (Hostscan) - Provides the