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How can I configure WAN GroupVPN for connecting with On to VPN Access tab , select the Address Objects or Address Groups that the user needs access to and add to the user's access list. Click OK. How to Test: Using the Global VPN Client (GVC) Software. Install the latest GVC software version on the User's PC. NOTE: The latest GVC software version can be downloaded from www.mysonicwall.com Network_netZones - Technical Documentation - SonicWall Wireless: Wireless is a security type applied to the WLAN zone or any zone where the only interface to the network consists of SonicWALL SonicPoint devices.Wireless security type is designed specifically for use with SonicPoint devices. Placing an interface in a Wireless zone activates SDP (SonicWALL Discovery Protocol) and SSPP (SonicWALL Simple Provisioning Protocol) on that interface for Remote Access VPN Services | Aruba Special Offer: Get a No-Obligation IAP-VPN License for Up to 90 Days. Strengthen contingency and business continuity plans with this limited-time Instant and United Access Point (IAP and UAP) license offer. Extend VPN services to cloud- and on-premise-managed Aruba IAPs and UAPs. Ensure a secure network experience without friction or interruption. WAN using IP VPN over Internet vs MPLS - Pros and Cons

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How to Access LAN Resources from WLAN Using SSL-VPN When How to Access LAN Resources from WLAN Using SSL-VPN When WGS is Enabled. 03/26/2020 1112 12042. DESCRIPTION: This article provides the configuration involved in accessing the local resources from the wireless when the WGS is enabled with out the use of the “office gate” of the GVC client and can avail the Luxury of SSL VPN access especially if it’s an Apple (MAC) environment where GVC Introduction to WAN, LAN and VPN

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