Oct 15, 2015 · My Cloud Drive Not Working Have tried the basic troubleshooting of pressing the reset button for 10 seconds and nothing changes. Next i tried the 40 seconds reset method as mentioned in the WD Support Page but the LED light stays on “Full White”.

Dec 28, 2018 Western Digital users are fed up with My Cloud failures Apr 07, 2014 Western Digital My Cloud Home | Plex Support Apr 09, 2019 WD My Cloud and Nighthawk R7000 - NETGEAR Communities When looking into How to configure Cloud Access on a My Cloud (single bay) device I can't see anything coliding with any of the various ReadySHARE services in general, and specifically not with ie. the "HTTP(over Internet)" using by default https on port 443. A little bit different might be the FTP access - as long as you want to operate on the default port (21/TCP, plus the passive ftp data

What to Do If WD Backup Is Not Working Windows 10/8.1/7

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How to Resolve WD Sync Not Working in Windows 10 Easily?

Jan 09, 2020