Jun 30, 2020

Apr 01, 2016 List of Websites and Apps Blocked in China [Updated Jan 2019] Popular blocked websites in China: Here is a list of websites that are blocked in China including social media, search engines, messaging apps, video streaming, email, cloud storage and productivity. As of 2018, over 20% of the top 100 most trafficked websites according to Alexa are blocked in China. 10 Things That Are Banned In China - WorldAtlas

The listings below give specific web sites found to be blocked in China. Where available, each page's listing includes its HTML title, its META keywords and description, its Yahoo Directory and Google Directory category classifications, and its Google inbound link count.

UNBELIEVABLE Things Banned In China ! - YouTube May 29, 2018 Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages - BBC News

India banned porn sites full list

Sep 13, 2017 What are the list Of top blocked websites in China (2018) In China, almost all pornographic websites are blocked. That is not a really bad thing if you are not into adult content. However, sensitive content in the eyes of the Chinese government also includes information about the country’s dark history and any information that appears to criticize the government. The name of the websites banned in China - Android Result