Nov 09, 2010 · $ sudo modprobe vmhgfs -o vm_hgfs $ lsmod | grep vm_hgfs vm_hgfs 50772 0 5. Remove the Currently Loaded Module. If you’ve loaded a module to Linux kernel for some testing purpose, you might want to unload (remove) it from the kernel. Use modprobe -r option to unload a module from the kernel as shown below. modprobe -r vmhgfs

1. IPv6-ready kernel 1.  IPv6-ready kernel Modern Linux distributions already contain IPv6-ready kernels, the IPv6 capability is generally compiled as a module, but it's possible that this module is not loaded automatically on startup. Note: you shouldn't anymore use kernel series 2.2.x, because it's not IPv6-up-to-date anymore. Enable IPv6 in Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Raspbian comes with IPv6 support but is not enabled by default, so to enable it we need to follow these steps: Load the IPv6 module: sudo modprobe ipv6 Add the module to the system boot, this way we don't have to introduce the previous command in every start of our Ubuntu Linux Add Static IPv6 Address Network Configuration

Oct 26, 2018

(Re)move /etc/modprobe.conf, if present, as it supersedes anything in /etc/modprobe.d/* (unless you add include /etc/modprobe.d). The modules listed in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules aren't subject to blacklists so comment it first. Oct 11, 2010 · These entries in /etc/sysconfig/network : IPV6INIT=NO NETWORKING_IPV6=NO 4. This line is added to /etc/modprobe.d/blaclist : blacklist ipv6 5. Also I did one more in /etc/sysctl.conf : 6. `net.ipv6.conf.all.autoconf = 0` 7. `net.ipv6.conf.accept_ra = 0` Still I am unable to disable IPV6 on linux, any thought please Help Appreciated Dec 09, 2019 · For CentOS 5.3 or older, add the following to /etc/modprobe.conf : alias ipv6 off alias net-pf-10 off Run /sbin/chkconfig ip6tables off to disable the IPv6 firewall May 12, 2008 · To completely disable IPv6 in your system, all you have to do is save the following line in a file inside /etc/modprobe.d/. install ipv6 /bin/true The above line means: whenever the system needs to load the ipv6 kernel module, it is forced to execute the command true instead of actually loading the module.

Sep 12, 2006 · If you are using Debian/Ubuntu linux (thanks to beranger), open file /etc/modprobe.d/aliases # vi /etc/modprobe.d/aliases Find the line: alias net-pf-10 ipv6 Replace with: alias net-pf-10 off alias ipv6 off Save and close the file. Finally, reboot the system. IPv6 support should now be disabled and it did improve my DNS performance.

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