If social networks were countries, which would they be

Specifications: Countries Included in Global Targeting If you want to target your Facebook ads to multiple countries, regions, or worldwide audiences, here's a list of our global targeting options divided into country groups, free trade areas and other areas. Global targeting options . Country groups How Payments Work | Facebook Pay Facebook Pay is also a way to view payment history, manage payment information, and access customer support. Facebook Pay is available in the US on Facebook and Messenger, and will continue to roll out to other apps and countries, bringing this service to more people over time. Check Facebook Pay's availability where you live. If social networks were countries, which would they be

Expanding Messenger Kids to More Countries and Adding New

Facebook’s new Discover app provides free data in May 06, 2020

On November 8, Facebook announced that it's rolling out the service in two more countries: Canada and Thailand. The social network is also introducing two new major features.

Country | Facebook Business Help Center Countries are where the people you've reached are located. This is based on information like a person's hometown, their current city and the geographical location where they tend to be when they visit Facebook. Countries are a targeting option and can be added to the Location field when creating an ad. Learn more about ads reports. Facebook In-Stream Ads: Country and Language Availability In-stream ads for creators are only available to Pages that publish videos in certain languages and countries. More countries and languages will be supported soon. To help facilitate a brand safety review in your video’s language, we recommend you select the video’s language when you upload your video to Facebook.