I checked who the owner of the address is with an online IP lookup. The owner is Virgin Media. So, Virgin Media’s DNS server gives the same address for all of those blocked VPN sites. That address is owned by Virgin Media and leads nowhere. This is a …

How to enable VPN access through the Virgin Media SuperHub Feb 28, 2015 Virgin Media Customer? Use a VPN for Kodi and blocked websites For this reason we highly recommend Virgin Media customers should connect to a VPN or VPN Router at all times. With a VPN all your traffic (including Kodi, P2P, The Pirate Bay etc) is encrypted and routed through the VPN server location of your choice.

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Virgin Media - Enable VPN through your router - OxGadgets Mar 04, 2018

Also with Virgin Media it seems the tarrif for phone and broadband is not much more than broadband alone. Perhaps this is because the price for broadband alone is a rip-off but there is nothing the consumer can do about it. 0. Brunel Posts: 34. Forum Member. 20/05/14 - 12:32 #9.

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