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14 Difference Between TCP and UDP Protocol Explained in Detail Acronym. TCP acronym for Transmission Control Protocol. UDP is an acronym for User Datagram … TCP vs. UDP : The Difference Between them On the contrary, UDP has been implemented among some trojan horse viruses. Hackers develop scripts and trojans to run over UDP in order to mask their activities. UDP packets are also used in DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. It is important to know the difference between TCP port 80 and UDP port 80. If you don't know what ports are go here.

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TCP vs UDP, Why use UDP for IP Camera's Connection? UDP protocol on the other hand is a connectionless protocol. It consists of fewer fields compared to TCP. UDP protocol keeps sending the real-time data ignore the data confirmation or packet loss. All it cares about is fast transmission. TCP should be used for information that needs reliability sequence transmission and data integrity. TCP and UDP port numbers - complete list Jan 12, 2012

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User datagram protocol (UDP) TCP is a connection-oriented protocol. Connection-orientation means that the communicating devices should establish a connection before transmitting data and should close the connection after transmitting the data.